Kelsey Rose


Timothy Andrew

Kelsey Rose and Timothy Andrew
Kelsey Rose and Timothy Andrew

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Our Story

Kelsey Rose and Tim met in 2011 while Kelsey Rose was working at his mother’s girls boutique, Dazzle, in Chagrin Falls. The moment Tim saw her, life as he knew it was over. Some say love at first site doesn't exist, Tim would argue that it does. It was like the world around him froze when he met her. For Kelsey Rose however, she had her fun watching Tim chase her around town.

Their “first date” was during Blossom weekend in Chagrin Falls in 2011. The next seven years truly put their love to the test, throughout college and into Tim’s enlistment in the United States Army in 2013. Their love only grew stronger when he was sent overseas. Tim spent the next two years in Germany and across Eastern Europe. Distance is only a number when it comes to true love. He felt invincible knowing she was there to welcome him home. Kelsey Rose waited for Tim through spontaneous deployments to 12 countries. Months at a time would pass between phone calls but once that call came it was like the world around them stopped again.

Tim injured his spine in April of 2015 during military service. As tough as this proved to be for them it only brought them closer. Just over a year later he was medically discharged and returned home to his family, friends and the love of his life - Kelsey Rose. Three back surgeries later, she is right there by his side.

The love they share is special. It’s unique in it’s authenticity. Seven years just seems to come and go when you spend it creating priceless memories with your best friend.
Lauren Chism